best Lazy Girl Sangria ever



1 Large Glass of Lambrusco Red Wine

1 Heaping Scoop of Frozen Berries

*optional fork

So here is the recipe that started it all…and the rest is history or so they always say ūüôā

Here goes nothing…YIKES!¬†¬†My first blog post…

Finally, a real snowstorm, a BLIZZARD, like 3-6 inches…in March.¬† That’s right,¬†MARCH!¬† ¬†…and what could possibly go better with a snowstorm than a nice, fruity, ice cold, slightly fizzy glass of deliciousness better known as Sangria???¬† I mean, here I am a mom a girl with the next 3 days off work, snowed in with my lovelies?¬† Just a perfect way to start the Snow-Day-Off Party.¬† But wait, I had reached the bottom of my¬†most all¬†time favorite¬†wine that I had just so recently reconnected with after way¬†too many years.¬†¬†What could be worse¬†than a Snow-Day-Off-Party kickoff Sangria without wine?¬† Even Merriam-Webster claims that it must be so:

Definition of sangria for English Language Learners. : an alcoholic drink made of red wine, fruit juice, and often soda water.

So off I trudged into the blizzard (well, ok at this point there was only a dusting but did I mention this was practically the 1st snowstorm of the season…in MARCH???)

It’s a blizzard out there but desperate times call for desperate measures…March, see the St. Patrick’s Day¬†garden flag?

to donate money to¬†our favorite adult beverage habit, enabler, dealer expert.¬† If you’re ever in the Pasadena, MD area, make sure to stop¬†by the liquor store near Food Lion for all your adult beverage needs.¬† The owner is so nice ūüôā¬† (He always knows exactly what I’m looking for; he’s our expert)

And yes, there it was…beautiful, tall and a bargain at just $11.99.¬† For the BIG bottle.¬† You moms know what I mean, no small bottles here when you’re planning on being stuck inside the house with kids spending quality time together with the family for the next 2 days.

Lambrusco bottle
It has a screw cap, so you know it must be the good stuff.

Lambrusco soft lively¬†red wine (just like the label says)¬†meets all the criteria for Sangria ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!¬† with the exception of¬†floating fruit¬†(red wine ‚ąö fruit juice (hint of)¬†‚ąö¬†soda water (it’s kind of fizzy) ‚ąö sugar‚ąö (it’s already sweet).¬† I prefer Riunite Lambrusco but my sister says there’s actually a real Italian version she used to drink in Germany…but then again it probably has a cork¬†and that’s just¬†too much work.

So, pour¬†a very large glass of Lambrusco and add frozen berries, that’s right.¬† Frozen, perfect, already washed berries.¬† That’s how she got her name…no shopping, no chopping, no picking, no washing for the best Lazy Girl Sangria ever.¬† I prefer Trader Joes Berry Medley as it has the most perfect little blueberries, raspberries and blackberries (high in antioxidants¬†so you¬†know it’s¬†good for you), ¬†is inexpensive and¬†doesn’t everything just taste so much better from¬†Trader Joe’s¬†anyway?

wine glasss bottle fruit
I think these berries just look so pretty swimming in that dark red Lambrusco, don’t you?

The 2nd best part is when you’re done drinking your Sangria, you can use the optional fork to have a healthy, Lazy Girl snack.

fork with fruit



P.S. Please don’t judge the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Christmas wine glass for those of you who are familiar with it…oh well, we also still have our artificial Christmas tree up too…did I mention it’s March? ūüėČ